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GeeJee - Sat Mar 10, 2007 10:52 pm
Post subject: Nico's Database
You may know Nico's Database. And if you don't - I'll tell you what it is.

Nico has collected all those bootlegs and audience recordings - that kind of stuff, and he shares it on his FTP. Since Nico is a great member of this forum, I suggested his database to become a part of the forum. And it now is. It's about to open.

However: you won't have access just like that. Nico puts a lot of effort and money into maintaining the database, so he wants you to either share files or make a donation. (contact him by PM about donation details).

The database only contains unofficial stuff - you won't find any VHS rips or albums there! What's left to say is that the database is totally Nico's responsibility. He's the moderator of that part of the forum, and he maintains it. If you have questions or if you want to get access, ask him - not me!

Enjoy ;)

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Vous devez connaître la Base de Données de Nico. Et si non - Je vais vous dire ce que c'est.

Nico a collecté tous ces bootlegs et enregistrements d'audiences - ce genre de choses, et il les partage sur son FTP. Du fait que Nico est un bon membre de ce forum, j'ai suggéré que sa Base de Données pouvait devenir une partie du forum. Et ça l'est maintenant. Elle va ouvrir.

Cependant : vous n'aurez pas l'accès juste comme ça. Nico a mis beaucoup d'efforts et d'argent dans le maintient de la base de données, donc il veut soit que vous partagiez des fichiers ou fassiez des dons. (contactez-le par MP concernant les détails sur les dons).

La Base de Données ne contient que des fichiers non-officiels - vous ne trouverez aucun rip de VHS ou d'albums ici ! Ce qu'il reste à dire est que cette base de données est totalement sous la responsabilité de Nico. Il est le modérateur de cette partie du forum et il la maintient. Si vous avez des questions ou si vous voulez y avoir accès, demandez-le lui - pas moi !

Enjoy ;)

moviemaker - Wed Nov 28, 2007 10:58 pm


Trying to get 3 audio files from Nico's Jarre Database that got deleted in my itunes but now those files (and many others) are no longer available in Nico's database?

The files I am looking for are:

Oxygene Tour-Gothenburg
1.)Oxygene 11
2.)Magnetic Fields 1

Oxygene Tour-Lille
1.) Oxygene 11

Sometimes in iTunes you have duplicate files expressed like this Oxygen 11 1.mp3 (that take up hard drive space) so I was cleaning out all my duplicate files and accidently erased these three...not bad for getting rid of close to 5000 duplicate files.

Nico_Noyau - Wed Nov 28, 2007 11:19 pm

I have a huge problem with my FTP server at the moment, seems like it created by itself a temporary file of 190Gb !! So, no place, doesn't work anymore at all, I try to fix it :?

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