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Jean Michel Jarre - JMJ & Vince Clarke

Kanta - Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:51 pm
Post subject: JMJ & Vince Clarke
JMJ & Vince Clarke

Kanta wrote:


Velodynamic wrote:
What is he tying to convince clark? :pwned:

Great picture. Lots of good stuffs in there.
They are both into hood jackets.

jeanbatman wrote:
Jean Michel has been following Vince Clarke on Twitter quite recently…

Robi wrote:
...And hope Vince has been cast in JMJ's upcoming album!

@Velo : :D

Equinoxer wrote:
Vince Clarke .. Gary Numan ... who's next Howard Jones?

melo wrote:
More picture

Robi wrote:
Just read that Vince's studio situates in Maine...

jeanbatman wrote:
melo wrote:
More picture

The people from this russian fan site speaks about a collaboration, maybe they have more precise info than we do…
@Kanta: I think the meeting with Vince Clarke deserves hits own topic…

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