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Introduce Yourself - Finally... Hello to everyone :)

Hans_Best - Sun Mar 20, 2016 12:44 am
Post subject: Finally... Hello to everyone :)
After participating predominantly as a reader for many years, I think it's time now to introduce myself and say 'Hello' to everyone.

I live in Frankfurt, Germany and I have been a Jarre fan since the age of 12. The older brother of my best friend owned all Jarre CD that were available at that time (not that many :P ) but he kept on playing them on and on, until I asked him to copy the music to a tape. So I got Oxygene on side A, because I liked it and Zoolook on side B, because he liked it :D . Unfortunately I was not a huge fan of Zoolook at that time, so I had to rewind side A for a long period of time. :P

I received my first CD Player some time later and started collecting the CD's on my own (still leaving Zoolook aside).

When Oxygene 7 to 13 was published I got my first ticket to a concert in Frankfurt. I was a little disappointed - not because of the music, but because JMJ had his hair tied back and was wearing a black/white striped shirt and he did not look like the guy on the CD covers :lol:

5 years passed and I had my drivers licence and somehow I heard about a concert with wind mills in Denmark. No need to tell details on that rainy, muddy but awesome concert. Amazing. I had to sleep in my car because it stuck in the mud and there was no way to get out. I still recall, lying on the drivers seat looking on the illuminated circling wind mill. Next morning a Danish tractor pulled me out of the mud :fine:

Again 5 years passed until I went with my girl friend to a romantic weekend in Paris in December 2007. The highlight was a concert in the Teatre Marigny. So during the day we walked hours and hours visiting all the tourists sites until we finally got seated. After the first piece I was looking to my girl friend to ask her about her position and she.... felt asleep :mrgreen:

I have forgiven her and married her, even if she slept during the complete concert :lol:

From 2007 to 2010 there was at least one concert per year where I had the chance to take photos and get an autograph.

2011 I heard about the Monaco concert and I invited my wife to a romantic weekend in Monaco. Unfortunately she got suspicious and I told her about a guy planning a huge concert - the guy, she had tickets for in 2007 but never had heard :P

So we went to Monaco and had a great weekend and she enjoyed the concert, too.

Now I'm looking forward to two new concerts end of this year as well as the second part of Electronica.

Thanks for reading and looking forward seeing some of you in one of the future events. 8)




Concerts attended:
1997-05-25 Oxygene Tour, Frankfurt, Germany
2002-09-07 Aero, Aalborg, Denmark
2007-12-22 Oxygene, Paris, France
2008-04-15 Oxygene 30th Anniversary Tour, Frankfurt, Germany
2009-05-28 Indoors Arena Tour, Koblenz, Germany
2010-03-26 Indoors Arena Tour, Strasbourg, France
2011-07-01 Live in Monaco, Monaco

jarrepaul - Sun Mar 20, 2016 5:09 am

Welcome Hans. Great to hear your story.
Kanta - Mon Mar 21, 2016 2:07 pm

Hi Hans, nice write up. :)

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