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View topic - Jean-Michel Jarre - Montreux Jazz Festival - 11 July 2016

Concerts - Jean-Michel Jarre - Montreux Jazz Festival - 11 July 2016

Kanta -
Post subject: Jean-Michel Jarre - Montreux Jazz Festival - 11 July 2016
Jean-Michel Jarre - Montreux Jazz Festival - 11 July 2016


Jean-Michel Jarre has been a superstar on the French electro scene for over 40 years. In October 2015, he announced his project Electronica – two albums full of prestigious collaborations. After eight years of silence, this guy who is known for his massive concerts is back with his most ambitious work yet, the result of three years of travel and work with various artists. The first volume The Time Machine brings together M83, Laurie Anderson, Moby, Lang Lang, Air and Pete Townshend, among others. The second volume The Heart of Noise, planned for May 2016, includes Gary Numan, Jeff Mills, Pet Shop Boys, Yello, The Orb and Hanz Zimmer, to name but a few. He holds the record for the biggest ever concert, with 3.5 million people in Moscow in 1997. He has always been interested in exploring all the elements of electronic music. 67-year-old Jean-Michel Jarre, avant-garde musician, will be in Montreux for a full-on futuristic sound and light extravaganza.


Kanta -


Happy to announce that I will be performing @MontreuxJazz on July 11th
http://www.montreuxjazzfestival.com/fr/artist/jean-michel-jarre … #MJF50

Source: https://twitter.com/jeanmicheljarre/status/720564468468604929


I'll be performing @montreuxjazz on July 11th. Happy to participate to their 50th edition ! Well… https://www.instagram.com/p/BELZZguo-g1/

Source: https://twitter.com/jeanmicheljarre/status/720566120927911937

Pat Gleeson -

I'm wondering what someone curious about JMJ would think upon clicking on the Peaches link ... not the best track to showcase a concert in Montreaux IMO
Kanta -

July 2016


Super heureux de retrouver @jeanmicheljarre pour son concert au @MontreuxJazz en partenariat avec @Tv5monde
Super happy to find @jeanmicheljarre for his concert at @MontreuxJazz in partnership with @ TV5MONDE

Source: https://twitter.com/PatrickSimonin/status/752183666579763200


Il fait ce soir un show événement au @MontreuxJazz @jeanmicheljarre est mon invité sur @Tv5monde avant son concert

Source: https://twitter.com/patricksimonin/status/752412663372718080

Kanta -


Montreux Jazz Festival: Interview with the musician Jean-Michel Jarre on the eve of his concert - 10 July 2016

Video: http://www.rts.ch/play/tv/19h30/video/montreux-jazz-festival-entretien-avec-le-musicien-jean-michel-jarre-a-la-veille-de-son-concert?id=7870221

Kanta -


Source: https://www.facebook.com/montreuxjazzfestival/posts/10153773629977023

Kanta -

Jean-Michel Jarre - Official Instagram - 11 July 2016


Getting ready for @montreuxjazzfestival show tonight. Starting at 8pm Stravinski Hall

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BHudVOTgKQz/

Kanta -

Jean-Michel JARRE : "Mon mega show au Montreux Jazz Festival"


Video by linvite – 11 July 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqlybdyEOpg

Jean-Michel Jarre, the pioneer of electronic music with 80 million albums sold worldwide is the Monday night of the 50th Montreux Jazz Festival star for a mega-show which he is the undisputed record holder.

Kanta -

Blick - Article - 12 July 2016


Laser Mozart enchants Montreux

Source: http://www.blick.ch/people-tv/musik/montreux-jazz-festival/jean-michel-jarre-laser-mozart-verzaubert-montreux-id5253436.html

Kanta -


Festival de Jazz de Montreux ! Warm up soon for The master @jeanmicheljarre @montreuxjazzfestival #jmjelectronica @nativeinstruments @ableton

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BHuzJtSBxKeqpcMgKx-royjNRDDW-eX1ZyOKLw0/


Source: https://www.facebook.com/montreuxjazzfestival/photos/a.183829187022.132531.18686082022/10153774277492023/?type=3&theater


Source: https://www.facebook.com/montreuxjazzfestival/photos/pcb.10153774770152023/10153774766502023/?type=3&theater

Jean-Michel Jarre @ Montreux


Kanta -

24 heures - Article - 12 July 2016


Source: http://www.24heures.ch/culture/musique/sons-lumieres-jarre-maniere/story/19529775

Kanta -

Jean-Michel Jarre - Official Instagram - 12 July 2016


Merci @montreuxjazzfestival #montreuxjazzfestival #stravinskihall #50emeanniversaire #jmjelectronica #electronicatour

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BHwh5GwAN8U/

Kanta -



Source: https://www.facebook.com/wheepy/posts/10153565396881039

jeanbatman -

It's not a electronica[b]world[/b]tour anymore? :pwned:

Glco8284 -


Glco8284 -

Kanta -

"Paradiso" RTS Culture - Interview - July 2016


Source: http://www.rts.ch/info/culture/musiques/7873257-jean-michel-jarre-il-faut-rester-sale-gosse-face-aux-technologies-d-aujourd-hui-.html

Kanta -

Ticketcorner Blog - Interview - 12 July 2016


Jean-Michel Jarre: "I have done a show in 3D

Source: https://blog.ticketcorner.ch/jean-michel-jarre-ich-habe-eine-show-in-3d-kreiert/

Kanta -

14 July 2016


Interview with Jean-Michel Jarre at the Montreux Jazz Festival

Video by Ticketcorner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a2ZnLivUlg

Glco8284 -

[b]Everyone who have a dimeadozen account ALERT !!!!!!!!!



Dr_Jones -

shadow -

[quote:b864f587a1="Glco8284"][b]Everyone who have a dimeadozen account ALERT !!!!!!!!!



Seems there's already two recordings of the current tour. Hoping really badly someone does another recording here again. Two separate recordings were made in 2010, so here's hoping!

Glco8284 -

Glco8284 -

nobody wants to see this???? :!:
AERO62 -

[quote:b3017d6031="Glco8284"]nobody wants to see this???? :!:[/quote]

I do , but don't want to spoil the experience of a real concert i'm planning to attend :lol:

JiggyAlienEyes -

working on downloading it now. thanks for sharing!
Brendan -

[quote:d8356f506b="Glco8284"]nobody wants to see this???? :!:[/quote]

Listening to it now. Thanks for uploading it!

I do wonder why you'd want a gigabyte of lossless recording for something like this. It's very good for an audience recording but still I don't see much advantage over a 256kbps mp3 for example.

I'm very grateful regardless :fine:

Kanta -


Article by TPi Mag & Awards - 7 September 2016

DiGiCo Sounds Out Jean-Michel Jarre At Montreux Jazz Festival

Source: http://www.tpimagazine.com/jean-michel-jarre-headlines-montreux-jazz-festival-with-digico/

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