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Jean Michel Jarre - Reddit - 14/02/2017

Kanta - Tue Feb 14, 2017 10:25 pm
Post subject: Reddit - 14/02/2017

I’m Jean-Michel Jarre, I’ve been doing electronic music for more than 40 years, people call me Godfather of Electronic Music, AMA

I am an Electronic music composer and performer for over 40 years, my debut album Oxygene in 1976 has been followed by almost 20 other albums as of today. I am a Grammy 2017 nominee for Best Electronic / Dance album and I am bringing my world tour to North America this May. Ask my anything.


Velodynamic - Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:33 am

Here is a copy and paste of the question flow that got answers:

[–]aybbyisokPorter Robinson
-What was the most significant change past all the years of production of electronic music?

-The computer age and the development of the internet!

-I'm a big collector of the song Popcorn (I own approx. 800 versions of the song, including yours). Some questions: a. Any chance you'll play your version live at your concerts?
b. Have you ever met the original composer, Gershon Kingsley? c. Are you aware there's a "vocal" version released in Spain called "Palomitas de Maiz", which uses your music? Might give you some money for the rights! ( youtube )

a. Not at the moment. b. Nope, never. c. No I'm not aware of it!

-First off, pretty cool AMA. Thanks for doing it!
Pretty generic question, but what are your thoughts on the newer generations of Electronic music and the effects of mainstream popularity on the industry as a whole?

-When I started electronic music I had hoped it would become a major genre, and become the most popular sound -- and it's exciting to be a part of such a big family.

-Any chance of your classic concerts from 80's and early 90's being remastered and re-released on DVD or blue-ray?

-We are discussing it with the record company.

-Hi Jean-Michel, my 2 questions are 1, it's my birthday tomorrow can I get a happy birthday (I'll be 42)? 2 how big on the scale of your previous mega concerts will Zero Gravity be?

-Happy Birthday to you!!
This project is going to be very special--it's not necessarily a question of scale, though it will be quite a big one.

-Any recent Electronic music albums that stand out?

The last Disclosure album -- CARACAL.

-Hello! I've been a lifelong fan, finally got to see you live in Oslo last year, which was amazing.
A couple of questions:
I recently heard this quote from you at NAMM in LA: "I have a project in Norway in June, a fairly large outdoor project, which also Stephen Hawking is involved in." Have you got any more information related to this?
Are you planning to collaborate with other artists again for a third "Electronica" album?
Would you ever collaborate with "Yanni"? A combination of your styles would be beautiful.
Thank you for doing this :)

-Yes it's called Starmus, and it will happen end of June.
Not for a third one at the moment, but yes for future collaborations.
Why not? :)

-Much respect. I'm curious what your thoughts are on the capabilities of modern software synthesizers (plug-ins that require a computer) compared to traditional analog synthesizers.

-It all depends on what you want to do. Sometimes it's better to use analog, and sometimes it's better to use digital.

-Are you planning on playing on Coachella or Glastonbury?

-Yes we are. We are talking about both for next year.

-Hi Jean-Michel Will there be an Oxygen 3 tour??? Love Steph x

-Hi Steph, I do not know yet!

-What are your main sources for new music today?

-I find new music almost everywhere on the internet (eg. Soundcloud, Beatport), and a lot of people send me music as well.

-In your many years as a composer and performer what makes you the most interested when you see or hear about a new artist? And if you find a new artist that interests you, do you ever reach out to them?

-What interests me is when I hear a new sound, something I have never heard before. Fuck Buttons and Gesaffelstein are very good examples, and in these cases, yes I did reach out.

-I seen you in Paris and Beijing and in was fantastic. My best life memories. Wish I could go to Israel but due to short notice, I cannot reschedule other commitments. Going to see you in Berkeley though. Given that money would be RAISED before the event , would you do a huge outdoor concert somewhere in North America, perhaps weekend long so many of your material could be played there? How much would have to be raised for you to consider?

-As a future project in North America, I really hope so. Projection wise though, every project has it's own specifics..

-Wow! longtime hero of mine! It's amazing that you're still strong in the game.
What is your favorite synthesizer?
and what is the most unique sounding synth you've ever played?

-I always hope my favorite synthesizer will be the next one! ;) Tomorrow I am actually receiving from Dave Smith his new prototype for the REV.2, and it will probably become my next favorite.
There are so many that sound different and unique~!

-Hi Jean-Michel! I saw you for the first time in Birmingham recently and the whole experience was amazing! I'm wondering whether there's any artists you take inspiration from when it comes to planning the visual aspects of your shows?

-My main source of inspiration is coming from movies and the digital arts.

-What's been your favorite way or medium to experience your own music? Mine has always been relaxing outside in a really dark place (usually out in the middle of no where) with my headphones watching the stars.

-I actually don't listen to my music when it is done. I leave this to you guys!

-What was your first experience with technology that made you realise you could make music and whole songs?

-It was probably when I was four years old and I was in the middle of an orchestra (since my father was an orchestrationist). I hit a drum and I was sort of scared but then everything began for me in this moment.

-Hello Jean-Michel. After working on both Electronica albums, do you have any musical "dream projects" which you would love to do?

-Yes I have lots of future projects ahead of me, and my hope is that they do not just stay as "dreams" but will be developed for you all to experience.

[–]leosteleaMOOG Voyager XL
-Do you get fanmail? If so, what is your address? I'd have wanted to give you a little gift in Cluj, but you did not meet any fans there.

-I usually always meet fans after the concert, and I'm sorry I had to leave quickly after Cluj (I had to make it to the next gig!).

-Why will you never release Musique pour Supermarchι?

-Because only one copy was ever produced, and I don't have it anymore!

-As a composer and artist, when you make a song, when do you know when you're done making the song?

-This is a very hard question to answer bc my problem is that I never think it is finished.

-You are known for incorporating new creative technology into your music for producing or controlling sound (not to mention the amazing lightshows) - what are some technologies that are perhaps not quite ready yet, but which you're already excited about?
P.S.: It was great seeing you in Nόrnberg not long ago - thank you for what you do!

-Artificial intelligence.

-Any film you've seen recently you loved? Did you like Mad Max: Fury Road?

-Yes I enjoyed it a lot. I think it deserved the Oscar.

-Hi! Thanks for doing the AMA :)
Is there a direction or idea/concept that you would like to see explored more in (electronic) music?

-Electronic music is so diversified and rich, I hope it will continue to grow like this.

-What would you recommend to be the best way to listen to your music? Things like scenery etc.
Also lots of love for creating the most otherworldly and beautiful music from our little planet =)

-One of the best ways to experience my music, would be to come to one of my concerts. Otherwise, choose you're favorite environment :)

-If you could name TOP 3 concerts you had, what would they be. And I mean with locations included. If it's too hard just state which countries have the best audience and you felt the best on stage?

-My first outdoor concert in Paris, Houston "25th Anniversary of NASA", and the last concert at the o2 Arena in London.

-Bonjour, Jean-Michel, I hope you're well. I'd just like to say thank you for your time last December when you signed albums in London, it was lovely to meet you even if I did get completely tongue tied! My signed album sits proudly on the wall now, thank you! Anyway, my question is, what drives you to keep being prolific? Is it a love for music, the fact that your fans love you so much or something else? You could have rested on your laurels years ago, but thankfully, you keep churning out relevant and often beautiful music. Thank you for that, and thank you again for your time!

-I always try to do the ideal piece of music and I'm not there yet, so this is why I keep going.

-You continue to evolve the music of Oxygene, are there any thoughts on evolving the other Dreyfus albums (Equinoxe, Rendez-Vous)?

-When I first did Oxygene I had the specific intrigue to do a sequel. I do not have the same plans for these albums at the moment.

-Will you coming back to the Uk this year or to Hungary?

-I hope so

-Hello! I enjoy your music Mr.Jarre :) I have a two question: 1. Are you thinking about release another album, and if so when? 2. Which synthesizer you appreciate most himself from the beginning of his career and is close to you? Best regards and thank you for fantastic music!

-I released three albums in 14 months, so I need a break right now to focus on concerts and future projects.

-Recently the Moog sub 37

-Hello from the UK Mr. Jarre.
my question look so young for your age, whats your secret? and a serous question, is sound more important than musical learning, i never got music lessons, but i want to play synths.

-I am a vampire :) It is a good idea to choose one instrument, and just experiment!

-Have you ever being contacted to work with a game soundtrack? your style would be amazing in a game like Mass Effect

-Some projects have been discussed in the past, and I would be delighted to work on a project like that.

-Bonjour Jean-Michel ! I really liked your track with Armin van Buuren, do you see yourself making another trance collaboration in the future ?

Yes certainly, I love trance music. And I love Armin's music, so hopefully another track with him one of these days.

-Do you have plans for repeating show from 1986 in Texas?

-Ask the city of Houston!

-Hi JMJ, Love your music! When composing for an album like equinoxe or oxigene do you write the songs chronologically? Are all the songs in the same key? Do you start writing songs from a melody, a sound or a concept?

-Most of the time I start at the middle path of the album, sometimes with a melody, sometimes with a sound.

-How does it feel to play The Time Machine with the laser harp? Do you feel as cool as it looks like?

-As you know every night is a challenge bc the instrument is quite wide.

-Will there be another remix competition, perhaps for an Oxygene 3 track? It was exciting to take part last time.

-Yes I'm thinking about it

Dr_Jones - Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:24 am

He answered four of my questions (Popcorn, Coachella, Mad Max and Dream projects). He finished after an hour, and answered quite some interesting questions. Not really surprising questions, although he did confirm Norway for the end of June.

I thought I'd ask something nobody asked before, I like the answer :-D

Pat Gleeson - Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:13 pm

It seems he's discussing the possibility of DVD / BD release of past concerts with the record company ...
Velodynamic - Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:45 pm

Pat Gleeson wrote:
It seems he's discussing the possibility of DVD / BD release of past concerts with the record company ...

I really hope that he's not just saying it this time.

Dr_Jones wrote:

I thought I'd ask something nobody asked before, I like the answer :-D

It felt like a typical Dr_Jones question as soon as I noticed it. :lol:

I tried to subscribe but forgot to confirm my e-mail, so that's why I couldn't post anything.
I would probably have been too late anyways. A lot of the later questions remained unanswered.
However it's always interesting to read. :)
I'll always adore much of the music JMJ has created through the years
but I have to mention I think his own "listening" musical taste is a bit awkward.
He often say he listens to the latest omz-omz dance floor hits but never to his own albums? :wink:

Pat Gleeson - Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:55 pm

Velodynamic wrote:
I really hope that he's not just saying it this time.

So do I :D

At least time this he specifically stated that he (or Aero Prod.) were discussing the possibility with the record company ...

Robi - Fri Feb 17, 2017 8:31 pm

Can you mind thinking he may be moving to LA temporary from time to time?

If he is so fond of making soundtracks?

Dr_Jones - Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:22 am

Robi wrote:
Can you mind thinking he may be moving to LA temporary from time to time?

If he is so fond of making soundtracks?

And chose to have D. Trump as your president voluntarily?

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