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Concerts - Jean-Michel Jarre will perform in Kadzielnia?

Kanta - Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:00 pm
Post subject: Jean-Michel Jarre will perform in Kadzielnia?

Radio Kielce - 19/01/2018

Jean-Michel Jarre will perform in Kadzielnia?

The Kielce authorities want to make more use of the amphitheater in Kadzielnia. Their intention is to organize not only festivals, but also musical concerts. The plans include performances by not only national but also foreign performers.

- There are currently talks with five foreign contractors - said Artur Sobolewski, director of the Department of Culture, Sport and Promotion in the City Hall.

He did not want to reveal his names. He remarked that when an artist appears whose concert in Kadzielnia will be a musical event on a national scale, his organization will be supported by the city with a promotional expenditure.

Our unofficial information indicates that one of the stars could be Jean-Michel Jarre. Artur Sobolewski added that the second direction promoting the amphitheater is to be further cooperation with the Polish Television. Perhaps it will be the continuation of last year's event "Summer Sky Star". Initial conversations are already being conducted. Everything will also depend on how TVP will organize itself with the Opole authorities regarding the Polish Song Festival.

The "Alleluja Happy Day" event is also expected to get a new formula, but details will be available in a few weeks.

Last year, about PLN 11 million was spent on promoting the city, including sports promotion. This year it will be about PLN 8 million.


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