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Albums & Other Releases - Jean Michel Jarre,Music for Supermarkets —$14,000-$33,500

Kanta - Wed May 30, 2018 7:38 am
Post subject: Jean Michel Jarre,Music for Supermarkets —$14,000-$33,500

Via WBRC FOX6 News

The most valuable vinyl records on Earth

Jean-Michel Jarre,Music for Supermarkets —$14,000-$33,500

Only a single copy of famed French electronic musician Jean Michel Jarre’sMusique Pour Supermarche (Music For Supermarkets in English)was ever pressed, made as part of a supermarket-themed art exhibit in Paris in 1983. The single vinyl disc was sold for $14,000 that year (approximately $33,500 in today’s market). It’s notable in that it was designed to be treated as a work of art, rather than something to be reproduced — the artist purposefully had the master plates destroyed in order to keep it as a one-of-a-kind release, making the title especially ironic.


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