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Jean Michel Jarre - Jean-Michel Jarre by Michael Duguay (Biography)

Kanta - Wed Nov 07, 2018 12:50 pm
Post subject: Jean-Michel Jarre by Michael Duguay (Biography)
Jean-Michel Jarre by Michael Duguay (Biography)
Released date: 05/12/2018

Released on December 5
A tape recorder. It is this device that served as the first electronic instrument to Jean-Michel Jarre: "My grandfather had spun me a tape recorder and with my rock band, I recorded guitar solos that I spent upside down, organ passages that I slowed down. " Passionate about sound, the young Jarre applied to the Musical Research Group in 1968: 200 candidates are presented for 4 places. Jean-Michel Jarre passes the exam and joins the GRM, which is then the best school in the world concerning electro-acoustic music.
Formed by Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer, Jean-Michel Jarre discovers an innovative approach to music at the time. Speaking of Pierre Henry, JMJ said: "This is the first, with Pierre Schaeffer, who said that the music was not only made of notes based on music theory, but sounds and that we could go out with a microphone and go record the sound of the rain, the sound of the wind, and make music. "
On leaving the GRM, Jean-Michel Jarre becomes a composer, lyricist, arranger and producer. And then in 1976, in his apartment turned into a home studio, he composes a record of instrumental music that nobody wants: Oxygen. Producer Francis Dreyfus agrees to release the album and it's a revolution. Thanks to this record, "He [Jean-Michel] has made millions of people discover electronic music! Moby

From Lyon to Equinoxe Infinity , discover the story of one of the pioneers of electronic music.



Dr_Jones - Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:48 pm

That's a re-release of that terrible google-translated book released 10 years ago:
[edit] oh wait, it's the 3rd French edition. Fair enough.

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