[Sun 13:41] Velodynamic:  Happy Birthday Spotify 10 years old today.
[Tue 17:44] Aneka65:  Happy Birthday Remy :D :D
[Thu 10:46] jeanbatman:  What the heck? Chronologie 1 renamed Equinoxe 5 on the official Youtube channel?
[Thu 10:47] jeanbatman:  > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiagbiBvDtQ
[Fri 22:37] Velodynamic:  Heh I think they took it down. :lol:
[Fri 18:01] jeanbatman:  Will Miby speak of Jarre in the second par t of his autobiography 'Then It Fell Apart'?
[Fri 18:01] jeanbatman:  Moby