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Destination docklands
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Age: 43
Joined: 21 Feb 2016
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Location: newcastle upon tyne
Posted: Sun May 01, 2016 2:23 pm   Destination docklands

Just watched rendezvous 4 from docklands and wow after all these years what an amazing track, I know we've heard it at a few concerts but the dockland version is in my opinion the best, this one is powerful, catchy, and still soo good to listen too, most of the the others are lacking something, and oh what I would give to see all of this musicians with jarre on stage again.

Rendezvous 4 just like oxygene 4 will always be incredible tracks, I would love to think jean michel could do something for the 40th birthday, he's going to be busy the next year or so with concerts, my partner bought tickets to go and see him in Dublin and thats the first time I'll see him live, he's been of the scene for the last few years but think he's making a stunning comeback.

Well done jean michel, happy touring and keep up the fantastic music

Age: 45
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Location: Scotland
Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:35 am   

Absolutely agree. Although the Docklands concert was supposed to showcase Revolutions, Rendezvous 4 was, for me, the highlight of the show.

I love listening to this live recoding of it, although to echo lets down the musical quality. I love the roar of the crowd during the first few notes, Hanks adllib guitar and the way the choir almost drowns out the music near the end all takes me straight back to 1988.

I just hope we hear it on the Electronica Tour (but not a rehash of his last live version)

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