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Badly remastered videos on Youtube
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Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 4:31 pm   Badly remastered videos on Youtube

So I keep noticing there's millijards of Jean Michel's fan recordings that have been leaked on to youtube. Some of it is incredible, some not so much. Unfortunately, there are folks who have taken it to extreme. I don't know who these guys are, but for example user "instants Jean Michel Jarrre" is claiming to remaster a lot of the video concerts without realizing where the videos came from.

First of all, before doing anything, one must understand that a high gen copy (in other words a copy from another copy) is not the original source, therefore you're working on an already degraded version and no amount of improvements will make it look as good as the master or low -gen copy. Always try to find the 'master' first and then play with the settings. If finding the original isn't possible then, alright. Maybe it's worth trying, but VERY carefully. Secondly, some of the videos already had been edited by other fans such as me. Why on earth would he mess with it AGAIN is what I fail to understand. Thirdly, you don't remaster it by over-applying chroma filters million times and boosting colors to extreme. The picture turns into a colorful cartoon-ish mess. I learned that the hard way. And lastly, you should not claim it's HD if all you did is stretch the video from 4:3 to 16:9. And if you're doing it by cutting top and bottom and then zooming , you're losing quality already. So it's not any HD after all.

Let's get to some examples here: - So here is a Houston footage that I had worked on a long time ago and only shared with the fans. Mind you, the copy was most likely very high gen. It's not the 'master' , but I decided to make it slightly more interesting at the time anyways. I boosted colors and changed brightness/contrast failing to see that due to making it darker than original, the already faint frames became completely black. The sound I mixed from a radio source, and not in the best way mind you. The audiotrack on the dvd was very flat so overlaying them was a mistake. Yet he claimed to have remastered something here. If you do anything to that poor video, it's going to only make it worse. Okinawa - Cartoon Picture, 4:3 turned into 16:9 by zooming. Quality lost basically. - Acropolis concert. Cartoonish picture and very bad sound work. - PLD camcorder. This was a failed high gen VHS transfer I had made with a lot of color loss. I think I've redone it later at some point . Also I had already overapplied improvement filters which resulted in cartoonish picture. It's not going to become any better until you find the original from Warner guys who filmed it. They are Dutch as far as I know. They also refused to share or sell their Hi8 masters last time I contacted them. If someone knows them maybe it would have been good to get in touch. - Paris, Concorde official VHS transfer. Very bad 'Remastering' work. 4:3 to 16:9 again at the expense of quality. - Paris, Concorder TV version. Not a remaster (surprisingly). This one is unfortunately my work and it's not the same as what TV video is supposed to be. I did a lot of editing there by adding the snippets from other sources and even VHS. Also I've cut the speech from beginning and ending, If I remember correctly. The sound was quite low in the original, something like 64kbps so I tried my best to makr it better but I don't like it in the end. Only shared with the fans, ofc had to end up on YT. - This one is the official VHS but stretched to 16:9. WHY???? As if there isn't already enough of RV- Lyon on youtube....

Mind you the InstantsJarre guy appear to own a lot of high quality originals as well, yet he hasn't shared them with the fans. Even after requesting. But somehow he just took everything he'd found in the database and put it public. So he's definitely a database member and probably visits zoolook forums. He is one of us.
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