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Introducing me!!!

Tell something about yourself, who you are, what keeps you busy, etc!

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Introducing me!!!

Post by dlaivison »

Hello Everybody!!

Just to say "Hello " to all and congratulate Gee Jee for this forum. I'm a big fan and I've been watching a long time of Internet discussions about Jarre, I guess maybe since 1994 (Jarremania, Galaxy Jarre were the biggest sites at this time).
I'm a electronic Engineer and I also like to compose music and off course Jarre was my main influence.

To listen my music:


Be my guest and send to me some feedbacks!!
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Post by Finaero »

Greetings, and welcome here ;)
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Post by GeeJee »

Hey there! Thanks a lot for your compliments, I hope you enjoy your time in here ;)

Me, I'm the Guv'nor, not yer regular cheese grater! SO DON'T GIVE ME NO BACK TALK! :mrgreen:
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Post by jarrekid »

Hi, welcome to the forum!!! Electronics engineer? Maybe you could help some of us, as some of us are looking into building our own synths, etc. :D
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Post by Dominc »

Welcome to the Forum
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Post by Kanta »

Hello dlaivison, welcome to the forum!! :)
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Post by Jarp2600 »

jarrekid wrote:Hi, welcome to the forum!!! Electronics engineer? Maybe you could help some of us, as some of us are looking into building our own synths, etc. :D
Yeah, join the SDIY-forum! :D I almost finished soldering my PCB :D

But overall, welcome here!!!
"If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem"

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Audio Engineer at Fast Forward Studios
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Thank you!!

Post by dlaivison »

Hi All

Thank you for all messages. I hope to help or contribute to this forum !!!
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Post by jp8000 »

Master of copying other composers work.. subconsciously

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My youtube channel
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Post by AnDrOiD »

Welcome! :D
Rhythmus muss sein!

"20 years ago we had computers in the studios. Now we have studios in the computers" - Michel Moers.
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Jakob BC
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Post by Jakob BC »

Welcome to the forum!
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Post by Nico_Noyau »

Welcome here, have a good time :D
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Jett Moonwing
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Post by Jett Moonwing »

Hi there, welcome :D
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Big time
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Post by Big time »

Welcome!! :D
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Post by Christophe »

Welcome here, dlaivison! :D :wink:

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