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Tangerine Dream
Author Message

Posted:     [ !!! ]

[quote="shadow"]So I've been thinking about starting to listen to TD for a while now, and since I just came around to Kitaro I thought why not immediately continue. Especially with the collaboration album coming. But what's the best place to start? I've seen their discography and it's huge, and I have only heard a few loose tracks of them.

Should I start at the beginning or should I start at a later and probably more accessible part?[/quote]

There is just to much. Just start with some essential stuff from each period.

Tangerine Dream's catalog covers three distinct periods:

early 70s:
Experimental stuff, (just like Klaus Schulze in that period): a lot of mellotrons, modular synths and sequencers. Best albums (in my opinion) were Rubycon, Phaedra and Ricochet. The earlier stuff (Zeit, Atem) is less accessible.

More pop-like stuff. Le Parc, Livemiles and Underwater Sunlight are key albums. Optical Race is probably climax of this period. It's the most happy, uplifting, mainstream pop-like album they ever did.

90s (Melrose years):
Guitars and Saxophones come in. Rockoon is a nice one. A lot of electric guitar there. Turn of the Tides too. This period was more like rock.

At the end of the 90s it became a big chaos. There were remixes (Dream Mixes), a lot of compilations and also remakes (*real* "new master recordings" :-)) of earlier stuff, rarities and soundtracks and a bunch of fresh music. I really like the very recent Grand Theft Auto V Cinematographic score-CD.

Posted:     [ !!! ]

#1 Rubycon

Phaedra, Ricochet and Stratosfear also belong to my album favorites. Le Parc has a quite snazzy title track, and the album's not that bad, but everything after that (for me)... well, not interested. :P

But those four albums I mentioned (which got snazzy Japanese remasters earlier this year) are more or less Classic Electronic Music in the group of Oxygene, Equinoxe, Trans Europa Express, Die Mensch Maschine, Solid State Survivor and whatnot. ;)

Posted:     [ !!! ]

For the people who don't know yet: TD and the french electronic composer JM Jarre have collaborated on a track called 'Zero Gravity'.
English Moderator & Miss News

Posted:     [ !!! ]

[quote="Dr_Jones"]For the people who don't know yet: TD and the french electronic composer JM Jarre have collaborated on a track called 'Zero Gravity'.[/quote]

Posted:     [ !!! ]

Did a search for the entire list of TD's work. 103 studio albums...

WHAT!? :shock:

Edit: Been searching and found a few boxsets of the early days, but is that really all there when it comes to getting multiple album at once? I can't imagine having to buy each and every CD separately...

Posted:     [ !!! ]


Le Parc also being used as a title music for a one off series called Street Hawk! (for those that can remember!)

Posted:     [ !!! ]

[quote="shadow"]Did a search for the entire list of TD's work. 103 studio albums...[/quote]

I bet that only really "hardcore" fans even pay attention to most of those albums, especially post-1983 ones (or whenever Le Parc was released). And out of those people, maybe 20% actually like them. :P

Le Parc/Streethawk Theme is just so grand, might have been the first TD track I heard. More or less the last TD album I can really listent o. Still loving the four 2015 remasters (Phaedra, Rubycon (my favorite album), Stratosfear and Ricochet) I got from Japan earlier this year. 8)

Posted:     [ !!! ]

But still, 103 is absolutely insane! :lol:

Posted:     [ !!! ]

[quote="shadow"]But still, 103 is absolutely insane! :lol:[/quote]

I know, it's crazy. Must be a hell to collect this...
Frank Zappa has 100 albums (38 released after his death), excluding live and compilation albums.
Buckethead is at 181 at the moment (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckethead_discography)

Posted:     [ !!! ]

Well I'm going to try and collect them all regardless. I've been listening to twenty or so on Youtube and really enjoyed it, so it's worth a try! :nod:

Posted:     [ !!! ]

Downloaded (since I can't buy it anywhere for a normal price) Finnegan's Wake. This album is stellar! :D

Posted:     [ !!! ]

So I went from being totally intimidated by the amount of albums they've made last year to now owning over 40 albums (including live concerts). Guess it's not all bad once I've figured out how to get started collecting this stuff! :nod:
Black Bird

Posted:    In Memory of Edgar Froese - Event in Berlin [ !!! ]

In Memory of Edgar Froese - Event in Berlin at the 21th of January 17

Bianca Froese-Acquaye will once again organise an event for her husband Edgar Froese in memory of the second anniversary of his death to be held in January 2017.

This event will take place in Berlin, once again at the BERLINER FESTSPIELHAUS and will be a mixture of music, art, readings, lecture, tombola, exhibition etc.

More details will follow in a timely manner. However the access to this event is limited to 200 people, so all people who would like to come are warmly invited and can register from today on.

Just send a simple mail to: memory-eastgate@gmx.com

Address: Schaperstraße 24, 10719 Berlin, Germany


Sure I `ve got my confirmation :nod:
Black Bird

Posted:     [ !!! ]

Tangerine Dream NOW !

Live stream from a Concert 28.01.2017 Budapest (7.p.m)

Posted:     [ !!! ]

"Second Gravity", more or less a new mix/version of the JMJ collab track Zero Gravity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DisjS5wcJ4A

Posted:     [ !!! ]

Yeah, it's on their last live in Poland album, released in 2016. I hope they'll play it when I'm going to see them in August this year.
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