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Photobook with La Concorde photos
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Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 2:16 pm   Photobook with La Concorde photos

Photobook with La Concorde photos

While doing some research on Place de la Concerde concert (as posted in the Concerts section of this forum), I got a hold of this article.

The name of the photographer is called in that article, so I decided to contact this man. Unfortunately, he can't sell photos, but coincidentially, there will be a book coming out at the end of this month called "Aftermath", where the photographer has compiled his experiences with famous pop stars, including Abba, Herman Brood, and also a chapter devoted to Place de la Concorde, including the above mentioned article and some photos. I don't know if these photos are "new" or not, but we'll know at the end of this month.

Here's some info (in Dutch):

Reason I post this in a new thread is because maybe this can be put in the news section.


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