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Unedited Waiting for Cousteau
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Pat Gleeson 

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Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:49 am   

I've never heard Experimental 2001, so I can't comment on it. However one has to understand the context of both albums. Both parties were very upset with each other, and both understood that there were a minimum of two albums needed to finish the then current deal. Sessions 2000 was the one that was chosen first. Because it was so different to the norm and unlikely to be a commercial success on the scale usually associated with JMJ, it was mutually agreed that the one release would serve the contractual obligation. I'm sure FDM chose Sessions 2000 as the more commercial of the two, but I'm loathe to state as a matter of fact that Experimental 2001 is rubbish or otherwise. The favouring of one album over another is a personal thing from the fan point of view (e.g. some people preferring Oxygene over Equinoxe). The choice of Sessions 2000 over Experimental 2001 was purely a commercial one, made under trying circumstances. The fact it remains unreleased is more to do with the fact that the record deal was terminated when FDM realised that JMJ had provided the two albums as per contract, and the laws of diminishing returns dictated it would be way more profitable to release compilations of past work than to go to the trouble of releasing a new album with no commercial return. Experimental 2001 is very unlikely to warrant a release taking into account the time and trouble it would take to re-licence it.
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Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:53 pm   Re: Unedited Waiting for Cousteau

AERO62 wrote:
Here's what the wikipedia page of the album says:

Jarre utilised the unedited version as an ambient audience "warm-up" in the hours prior to the Paris la Defense concert in 1990 (and also in many concerts after this "first"), played on the specially installed public address sound system scattered throughout Paris for this event.

I was just checking the German Wiki entry:

Es existiert eine 1 Stunde 14 Minuten dauernde Version, welche als Soundtrack für die Ausstellung Konzert der Bilder (orig. Franz.: Concert d'images) im Jahre 1989 diente.[5]

[5] Eintrag zur Ausstellung Concert d'images auf



There is a 1 hour 14-minute version, which served as a soundtrack for the exhibition Concert of the images (original Franc .: Concert d'images) in 1989. [5]

[5] Entry to the exhibition Concert d'images on

So at least we have an exact timing now :wink:


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