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Which masters will be used for the Oxygene Trilogy discs...?
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Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:54 pm   

feline1973 wrote:
Pixar animation isn't really comparable - there you're talking about the actual animation software, all we're talking about here is the recording digital audio onto tape or hard drive, it was nearly always in the same underlying PCM format.

Actually it make sense when you think about it. Floppy's were the format of choice at the time, a format that even at that time was already starting to get outdated. And hard drives as we know them today would not be able to store the audio because of their size limitations. A HDD at the time not only costed a whopping $3000 plus, but were also a whopping 10MB. Yes, 10MB as in MegaByte, a single track on Zoolook uncompressed is many times that. Those things just weren't fit for what was being done digitally at the time.

And about the digital audio onto tape, that would in the end be an analog fashion of storing the recording. Having a magnetic tape of those recordings was, and still is with HDD failures, the safest way for keeping it all archived. There's a reason why magnetic tapes are still used a lot, it's a very safe way of storing whatever you put on it if stored properly.

Now I'm not saying that Jarre stores all the original files magnetically. But having the original recordings archived in this fashion makes the most sense for a standpoint in the early 80's.
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Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:00 pm   

Shadow old bean, you're talking nonsense I'm afraid :D

Back in the day, floppy discs were indeed used in music tech, but only to store little things like samples, not to do multi-track audio recording for whole songs or albums (you could never fit that on a floppy!)

Early digital multi-track recording was done onto magnetic tape (2" tape, usually), but recording a digital signal onto it, rather than an analogue one. By the 90s you had 'ADAT' machines that could record multi-track audio on S-VHS tapes (!) and also on Hi8 camcorder tapes, but that was not really so much used in expensive pro-studios... and DAT tapes were quite often used to record stereo masters on.

These days, all that stuff (if anyone has any sense) has long since been archived off the physical magnetic tapes onto hard drives.
It was not uncommon for people to have problems successfully playing the digital audio back off these old tape formats a few years later, or to have trouble finding a well maintained machine that worked, but if (for instance) it turned out that Disques Dreyfus had managed to lose the original digital masters of Zoolook and/or they were never successfully archived, I'd be very surprised.

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Joined: 14 Nov 2016
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Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:00 pm   

(double post!)
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