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Help Needed on Calypso 2 Drum Pattern

Post Posted Sun Oct 19, 2014 7:58 am

Posts: 23

Hi Everyone,

So I'm going great guns with my calypso 2 Cover, however the drums are eluding me slightly.

Using the song book pattern I've made a start but I don't think the its right with the drum sounds it suggesting well not completely.

When the drums first kick in theres defo a snare followed by a bass drum, but according to the Song book it says you have a snare & Low Agogo ?

I think its more like Claves, with a clap with some sort of delay and ends with a rim shot with some sort of effect.

What do you think ?

Oh I got best results using MPC 60 samples which does sort of make sense as this was still the current model when Waiting for Cousteau was done, but he may have used some others.

Any suggestions welcome :)



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