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Synthesizer studio photos and music samples

Post Posted Sat Oct 18, 2008 2:06 am
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Kanta wrote:
AnDrOiD wrote:Is this not the wrong forum? :P
:no:, just maybe the wrong section. :p: :punch:
Well, I call 'em the Instruments forum, the off topic forum, and so on. :p: :punch:
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Post Posted Sat Oct 18, 2008 11:52 pm

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matt222 wrote:
I have limited interest in computers and much prefer the look and working methods of big, chunky, robust hardware. Old-fashioned or not, I much prefer it to a boring pc screen and mouse. Sure, they maybe software that can do more, but will it improve my music ? I doubt it.

Amen to that,I hate software sequencers(apart from Reason)infact I've made a pledge that I will never use a software Seq for creating music again,I was always playing "Engineer" trying to get everything to work/record,that by the time I got to record anything properly,I had lost all the inspiration or the idea had gone,I've got lots of software synths and find them great for stand alone playing,but I will never touch a Software sequencer again,I've found my "niche" hardware Device,I know Cubase inside out,but a computer for me is far too volatile,that although many people have a stable setup,I won't ever use one again,doesn't matter how stable it is or how someone tries to convince me otherwise,I'm hardware all the way.

I've got a Roland MV8800,which allows me to work in a fast and intuitive way for songwriting,and its very powerful in terms of features,infact it rivals a lot of the software sequencers I've used,I would say it was on par with Cubase,although the Audio tracking side of things is limited its still possibly the best Hardware sequencer I have ever used.All the Audio recording is done via a stand alone HD recorder(Korg D16XD),so I utilise a 100% Hardware setup.

Although I'm not one for sitting making music with a Mouse, but the MV allows the use of a Monitor and mouse,so its capable of being used in a software type application,which I like,because most hardware seqs,display little visual info that compete with software,so the MV allows better visual detail via a Monitor without the bullshit of software crashes etc,plus you can still use the MV front panel buttons in the same way using a Monitor/Mouse so its easy to use in either mode and still retains that hardware integration,the Monitor just gives you a better viewing window,but the on board screen is pretty good anyway.

Nice Studio you have there!!!,thats what i like to see,a setup with no cable mess,nothing more off putting than sitting in a room full of spaghetti,to me a neat set up is inspiring and inviting,working in a studio is as much about the ambience and clean surroundings as it is to be able to play the instruments.


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