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From The Irrepressible Yankee

Post Posted Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:28 am

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I'm Emilie Conroy, and you may know me from other online projects. I chose "LaPucelle" as my moniker here for my deep and abiding interest in Jeanne D'Arc. I have been listening to Jarre since my father first bought Oxygene in 1976. Jarre's music has been the soundtrack of my life. He's always struck me as dynamic and soulful. He doesn't just think outside the box--he reinvents the box and takes us all on a journey of imagination.

But we know about Jean Michel. Here's a few things about myself.

REAL NAME: What is real? What is illusion? Who cares?

BIRTHDATE: November 8, 1971 (and yes...trust me...there IS life after 40...)


SEX: Sure. Why not? I have a few minutes.

GENDER: I read Ms. Magazine and watch Spike TV.

LIFE THEME IN A WORD: "Apocalypse"

SYMBOL: I use the Egyptian ankh to represent life force and living energy and as a mirror for self-reflection, but mostly to symbolize eternity.

STONES: Amethyst, amber, jade, citrine, moonstone

TOTEM ANIMALS: Dogs/wolves (physical) and rattlesnakes (metaphysical)

PATH: Second Discordian Reformed Church of Latter Day Gnostic Druids Twice Removed


ODD JOBS: Media maven, advocate and activist, court jester, thanatologist, web visionary, brain-to-pick at large, spirit dabbler

CAUSES CELEBRES: I'm giving what I can working for mental health awareness, elder health awareness, the American Diabetes Association (both of my parents are diabetics), the American Heart Association, breast cancer awareness, AIDS awareness, and incorporating all of these, the cause of health care. Oh, right...toss education and social reform in there, too, with a big dose of feminism.

HOBBIES: The odd and the strange, punk, punk rock, punk life, things gothic, taphophilia, snakes, classical historical religious reconstruction, reading, cryptozoology, movies, snowboarding (when possible), gardening (same deal), lurking in shadowed places, the occult (more a passion than a hobby) and various arts and crafts related to occult practice

PRIZED POSSESSION: The Buddha was right on this one. Attachment leads to suffering. We're not unhappy because we don't have fancy cars or cell phones or live-in concubines--we're unhappy because we want these things. So I reply, "Prized possession? If I can possess it, it should not be prized. If I prize it, it cannot be possessed." On the other hand, I could be full of shit.

FAVORITE SPORTS/PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES: Snowboarding, dancing, skateboarding, hockey, soccer, basketball, and archaic weapons techniques

FAVORITE FOODS: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Middle Eastern, buffalo wings, tea, apples, oatmeal, and wasabi peas


FAVORITE ARTIST: Gustav Mossa, Boris Viejo, James O'Barr, Charles Addams, Eric Bakke, Coop, any Dutch artists

DIRTY LITTLE SECRET: Ixnay. If I told you, it wouldn't be my dirty little secret anymore, would it?

WORDS TO LIVE BY: "What doesn't kill me will make me stronger. Or it may land me in court. It's all good."

INTERESTS: Amazons, angels, anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, cemeteries, clothing/costume design, crows, dianism, eschatology, ethnobotany, etymology, ghosts, gnosticism, goth, graphic design, herbalism, history, homeopathy, horror, languages, medieval literature, occult, paganism, paranormal, ravens, real vampires, shamanism, snakes, taoism, thanatology, voodoo, witchcraft, writing

Anyway, there's my snapshot. See you around the boards!
"I think there's something strangely musical about noise." -- Trent Reznor
Post Posted Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:28 am

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Welcome again!
Post Posted Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:10 pm

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Welcome Emilie. 8)
Ricardo Melo

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Port Hercule, Monaco - 2011
Post Posted Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:31 pm
English Moderator & Miss News

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Hello Emilie, welcome to the forum. :)
Jarregirl YouTube
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Post Posted Wed May 01, 2013 8:29 am

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Lol hilarious intro, have a hard time believing it, seems more like spam, but it's not...
Nice to see another US Jarre fan. I understand that EM itself is not as popular, or ever was in US as it was in other parts of the globe.
Arianafal wrote:SEX: Sure. Why not? I have a few minutes.
Teehee, alright... how about spiritual sex, it'll take a bit more than a few minutes, more like a 12 hour opus. :p:

Nice interests by the way... :fine:
Without faith nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.
Post Posted Wed May 01, 2013 9:53 am

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Hello Emmilie..
Post Posted Thu May 02, 2013 3:05 am
Herr Dunkel

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Welcome Emilie!

Nice to see another Philly rep, yo!

Great intro, btw :-)

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