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Hello everyone, from Norfolk in the Uk

Post Posted Wed Jan 27, 2021 9:35 am

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Hello to you all,
First off, I hope everyone out there during this not so great time are all ok.
I’ve finally joined! I was a member a few years back but have since lost/forgotten my logins and was more of a lurker but have made the plunge to do it ‘properly’ this time. My name is Peter and at almost 46 years old I’ve been a die hard Jarre fan since is was a kid and saw Houston on TV.. pretty sure I’ve got everything his done but who knows! I’ve listened to Jarre almost all the time with drifts to their stuff, sometimes a weather report phase but it rarely lasts more than a week before I find myself putting Jarre back on!
I sadly missed out on Docklands as I had to go to a family dinner or something but I did manage to go to La Defense which is a memory to hold on to for sure! Since then I also got to see the chronologie tour as well as the recent shows and every time he just blows me away!
I can’t help but think that being a fan has led me to working in sound... first off in music studios when I was younger (and more able to not sleep!) and later into post production where things have been very quiet given what’s going on but I’m keeping myself busy making music and noises and only recently had the thought to have a go at Jarre covers funny enough, no real stuff to show for it as yet, still in the noodling/sounds phase but loving every second! Anyway enough rambling on from me.. lovely to be here and hello again!
Post Posted Wed Jan 27, 2021 11:48 am

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Welcome (back)!
Post Posted Tue Feb 09, 2021 3:55 pm

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Hello Pete! You're almost the same age as me - 46 - and I remember in 1988 a friend sticking a pair of headphones on me and saying "listen to this!" and playing the title track from Revolutions. He said there was to be a massive concert in London soon, and I should watch the TV news to find out more. I asked who this was and he said it was Jean-Michel Jarre's latest album. I vaguely remembered seeing the Houston TV broadcast, and hearing snippets of Houston/Lyon Cities In Concert album too over 1986/87. But it was that moment, with the headphones on, listening to Revolutions that started it all. I bought the album on cassette and I watched Docklands on TV on Christmas Day on Channel 4, and thought it was all just amazing.

But then, weirdly, I drifted away from it. Not sure why. Fast forward to summer 1990 and ITV have on their late night schedule "Jean-Michel Jarre in Concert" and I'm thinking it's a repeat of Dockland but I set the video recorder anyway and wake up to La Defense.

TOTALLY, UTTERLY BLOWN AWAY and I have never looked back.
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Post Posted Thu Feb 11, 2021 8:10 am

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Welcome Friends :D :D

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