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[interview] Francis Rimbert

Post Posted Tue May 08, 2007 6:06 pm

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Zoolook interviews
Francis Rimbert
about his last showcase and his upcoming album

by GeeJee

GJ) Your perfomance was very good, your mood seemed to be excellent on stage! The music sounded a little different compared to the showcase at Le Divan Du Monde last year. Did you change anything?

FR) I performed some tracks that I didn't play on stage before. It was necessary for those tracks to be adapted to a live performance. I thus sampled the rhythmic and drew from the bank of sound included in my Fantom and my Vsynth to find out the initial color. Being the master of the feeling I also play with some variations which make it very interesting live!

GJ) Especially the new title (Mecanique Du Temps) was very surprising, a very different style compared to your Double Face album. Is this what we can expect for the rest of your new album? Or wasn’t this title necessarily typical for the style?
FR) Since 20 years, and even more I did get the opportunity to express myself through my own universe. I have so many things to say and I don't wish to be limited in a particular musical style only. There are so many things to express in electronic music !....
With my upcoming album, I will explore many different universe such as jazz, funk, rock .... Patrick Rondat will be playing on 2 titles, but many other surprises are awaiting you...

GJ) Besides your trusty Roland FantomX, you also played the V-Synth. What do you think about this synth, and what will it add (in terms of sonical potential) to your new album?
FR) The V-Synth is an incredible sound creator. I used it for MECANIQUE DU TEMPS with the VOICES card. I'm also going to use its vocoder on my next album.

GJ) The painter of ‘Mecanique Du Temps’, LOL, will he be any further involved in your album? Could you also say why you chose his work to be used for your music? What do you like about it?
FR) It is a very strange story about this painting. I was composing a track on the theme of the relentless powerfull energy of time when I met LOL. He suggested to realize the artwork of my single and told me to choose among his painting. Randomly a painting allured me completely ! When I asked him the title, he replied: MECANIQUE DU TEMPS ! .... Amazing, isn't it ?

GJ) Is there anything else you can say about your next album?
FR) I try to keep sincerity and naivety in the inspiration. Without compromises neither prejudices. I do not seek for a tendance, to be in, good looking fashion. I'm very lucky to have the total confidence and patience of my label. The wonderfull greeting for my parisian concert gave me an incredible energy, and I take it easy, I feel better, specially because I have the annoying defect to doubt about anythings ...!

GJ) Anything you can say about your work with JMJ?
FR) My collaboration with JMJ can't be summarized with a number of hours spent in a studio. We're very close from each other when i'm working for his musical style. My function is not to judge but to help him in his work. We usually work for very long days, each one in our own studios. Then we share our search. And JMJ, such an architect, carry out his work...

Special thanks to Francis and Marie Laure!

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