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[report] Francis Rimbert - Salon De La Musique

Post Posted Tue May 08, 2007 6:11 pm

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Francis Rimbert
Salon De La Musique Showcase

by GeeJee

As many of you know, Francis Rimbert staged a short show during the Salon De La Musique, which is in fact a music fair located at the Paris Expo.

I went there together with Beatle. Here's just a short summary of what it was like.

Many stands were present there, but it seemed to have been more aimed at non-electronic musicians, as they were a lot stands with acoustic instruments, such as brass instruments and grand pianos. Quite a few electric guitar stands were there as well, but the only synth brands present were Roland (with a very large stand), Yamaha, Korg, Alesis, Clavia, M-Audio and a few others, amongst which the french distributor for Moog Music, Doepfer and Arturia. The stands offered a wide variety of demonstrations, as well as short courses. Of course there was a possibility to play the instruments yourself, which I did of course. Most interesting (for me) to play were without doubt Roland's new V-Synth (version 2), FantomX series and Moog's Voyager.

Showcases (as in - small concerts) were held on 2 stages in a hall, set up in the back of the expo, which showed a lot of different musicians, ranging from the loungy jazz to the screaming gothic genres. While we were awaiting Francis' performance, our ears were treated by the delicious sounds of a heavy metal band. After one hour of pure noise - Francis himself finally arrived!

Francis played 4 titles of his album 'Double Face' which was released last year:

- Elfe's Race
- Across The Fog
- French Kiss
- Woodoo

and we were treated with a track from his forthcoming album which is to be released at the end of this year. This title was named Mecanique Du Temps and was played with Patrick Rondat.

Compared to the mood of the showcase of Francis' album at Le Divan Du Monde, last year in Paris and also the overall relaxing mood/atmosphere of the album this was different. And not just the new title. The 4 titles worked surprisingly well in a live-setting. I must admit I've never heard such a pounding bass and such a chasing rhythm track before! Francis was visibly enjoying his performance a lot, which was not just noticable by the jokes he told (too bad I couldn't understand the majority of them).

The new title reminded me of the soundtrack genre on one side and the symphonic rock genre on the other, starring Patrick on his trusty six-stringed custom guitar. This track is based on a painting by a famous french painter called LOL. He was present during the showcase, as was the painting, which was entitled Mecanique Du Temps as well.

The music was very pleasent, and so was the atmosphere. And let's not forget the great mood we saw Francis in, surely enjoying his music. I couldn't say better than this: ROCK ON!

After the showcase, a special limited edition CD single was sold, which included the new title from Francis' upcoming new album. FR also took a lot of time to talk to his fans and sign everything they brought.

I'd say it was a very promising and memorable experience!

More info:
Francis Rimbert official website | www.francisrimbert.com
C.ZEN Prod official website | www.czenprod.com
Salon De La Musique / Francis Rimbert | click

Special thanks to Marie-Laure & Francis!




All pictures Copyright © by Beatle

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