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[report] Francis Rimbert - Salon De La Musique

Post Posted Sun Sep 10, 2006 9:47 pm

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Francis Rimbert
Salon De La Musique Showcase

by GeeJee

As many of you know, Francis Rimbert staged a short show during the Salon De La Musique, which is in fact a music fair located at the Paris Expo.

I went there together with Beatle. Here's just a short summary of what it was like.

Many stands were present there, but it seemed to have been more aimed at non-electronic musicians, as they were a lot stands with acoustic instruments, such as brass instruments and grand pianos. Quite a few electric guitar stands were there as well, but the only synth brands present were Roland (with a very large stand), Yamaha, Korg, Alesis, Clavia, M-Audio and a few others, amongst which the french distributor for Moog Music, Doepfer and Arturia. The stands offered a wide variety of demonstrations, as well as short courses. Of course there was a possibility to play the instruments yourself, which I did of course. Most interesting (for me) to play were without doubt Roland's new V-Synth (version 2), FantomX series and Moog's Voyager.

Showcases (as in - small concerts) were held on 2 stages in a hall, set up in the back of the expo, which showed a lot of different musicians, ranging from the loungy jazz to the screaming gothic genres. While we were awaiting Francis' performance, our ears were treated by the delicious sounds of a heavy metal band. After one hour of pure noise - Francis himself finally arrived!

Francis played 4 titles of his album 'Double Face' which was released last year:

- Elfe's Race
- Across The Fog
- French Kiss
- Woodoo

and we were treated with a track from his forthcoming album which is to be released at the end of this year. This title was named Mecanique Du Temps and was played with Patrick Rondat.

Compared to the mood of the showcase of Francis' album at Le Divan Du Monde, last year in Paris and also the overall relaxing mood/atmosphere of the album this was different. And not just the new title. The 4 titles worked surprisingly well in a live-setting. I must admit I've never heard such a pounding bass and such a chasing rhythm track before! Francis was visibly enjoying his performance a lot, which was not just noticable by the jokes he told (too bad I couldn't understand the majority of them).

The new title reminded me of the soundtrack genre on one side and the symphonic rock genre on the other, starring Patrick on his trusty six-stringed custom guitar. This track is based on a painting by a famous french painter called LOL. He was present during the showcase, as was the painting, which was entitled Mecanique Du Temps as well.

The music was very pleasent, and so was the atmosphere. And let's not forget the great mood we saw Francis in, surely enjoying his music. I couldn't say better than this: ROCK ON!

After the showcase, a special limited edition CD single was sold, which included the new title from Francis' upcoming new album. FR also took a lot of time to talk to his fans and sign everything they brought.

I'd say it was a very promising and memorable experience!

More info:
Francis Rimbert official website | www.francisrimbert.com
C.ZEN Prod official website | www.czenprod.com
Salon De La Musique / Francis Rimbert | click

Special thanks to Marie-Laure & Francis!




All pictures Copyright © by Beatle
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Post Posted Sun Sep 10, 2006 9:54 pm

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Thanks for your report, GeeJee! :D :wink:

Post Posted Mon Sep 11, 2006 12:24 am

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Good report Geejee !

Other pictures and reports, of mine :wink: :







Yours pics are better... :D

My report :

Saturday September 9, 2006, 6 h in the morning, Celine joins us and we leave for the station after having spent a sleepless night, I was so stressed and i couldn't sleep. 6. 50, departure of the train, I still can'tsleep,so I'm listening to music in my MP3, greek music, Peggy Zina, I adore her! Sorry for the fans,there are other singers too!! At 12 ‘o clock we arrival at the station of Lyon, we will eat a little at the station before separating,Celine has come for other reasons. Then we take the bus, direction: the music hall, while not failing to get lost us a little, but it is usual! Finally, we arrive there. It is largel!! We move towards hall 3 there is already an immense queue and a lot of people, from everywhere (France, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Spain, England, Germany). 15. 30, we arrive finally at the living room, we cross the various stands representating the classical music and the jazz, stands of editions, and we arrive finally towards the stands of current musics, we move directly in the room where the show will take place. A symphonic group of heavy metal, "Adagio" is already playing, it is not badly really, I adore. We move towards the second scene, where Francis Rimbert and Patrick Rondat will play, there is already some people but there remains place in the forefront, too brilliant,to go there! Practically immediately, we find several fans, of which GeeJee, come especially from Holland. Later Lina arrives, come straight from Sweden for the occasion, I was sure that she was her when she smiled. She can't resist and she take a photograph with my bag with the effigy of Francis made especially for the occasion. There was also D.N.A., Cousteau, Cedric, Dunkie and lot of others... 16 hours, Francis arrives, accompanied by Patrick and other people, he’s stressed for what we see, he maltreats his ball antistress!16 hours 05, the concert starts, Francis makes us a presentation of the table created by the painter LOL, who is a also guitarist, and who illustrates his last title, "Mecanique du temps". He explains us at every beginning of piece how this last was born in which circumstances or events, very interesting. To play the last piece, which is also new "Mecanique du temps" he calls Patrick! Ovation of the room for this brilliant guitarist! We have just lived 35 minutes of pure happiness, of pure escape. We move towards the exit, with searching the stands "Roland" where a meeting of dedications is envisaged, we find it, it is already crowded, Francis is surrounded. We wait 1 H, or more, before being able to speak to him in our turn. We cross also Sylvain Durand, Patrick Pelamourgues and Michel Geiss. After the meeting, we leave with Cedric searching Patrick Rondat, and we find Geejee, which interprets "an air" with the piano,He is fabulous, Bravo!! We make the turn of all the stands, no Patrick at the horizon, finally, we find him... Just beside the stands of "Roland". He gives an interview, we do not dare to disturb him and decide to wait until he finished, but, as other fans call him , we profit by it... I could ask him for an autograph, photograph memory (damage it is fuzzy) and I even had the notch to ask him for a kiss. Then we turn over to stand where take place the meeting of autograph, here there are Lina and Marie Laure, the attach of press of Francis, I ask to make a photograph remember with them for the "myspace" of Francis, they accept, they be really brilliant. Then, we say good bye to everyone. Lina, Marie Laure, Cedric, we move towards the subway for going towards"Gare d’Austerlitz ". At the station, we have to wait two more hours before being able to take the train towards Perpignan.
i hope that you will like this summary (a little long!!)
Thanks to Francis for his talent, his patience, his honesty, his availability.
Thanks to Patrick Rondat for a first contact i keep an excellent memory of him.
Peace, Sex, Music and Love. Carpe Diem !
Post Posted Mon Sep 11, 2006 12:37 am
Big time

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Thanks for the reports!!! :D :D

And great pictures!! :D
Post Posted Mon Sep 11, 2006 7:50 am

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Thanks for your report, paraskévie! :D 8) :wink:

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Post Posted Mon Sep 11, 2006 1:16 pm

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what does his music sound like?
Post Posted Mon Sep 11, 2006 1:36 pm

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Friend wrote:what does his music sound like?
Ambient / Down-tempo / Electro

you can listen his music here
Peace, Sex, Music and Love. Carpe Diem !
Post Posted Mon Sep 11, 2006 3:04 pm
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Many thanks for the reports and pictures GeeJee and Paraskévie. :D
Post Posted Mon Sep 11, 2006 6:29 pm
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Many thanks for these 2 reports !! (and thx Paraskévie for the report in French ;))
Thx GeeJee for your (long) report, I'll have to translate it, now :mrgreen:
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Post Posted Sat Sep 16, 2006 4:27 pm

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you can find a selection of my photos from the event here:


aswell as Dunkie's here:


and Kenneth Nohr's here:


only small sized for copyright reasons, but if anyone wants prints of my photos (this also applies to my Gdansk photos too) then get in touch

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