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Jarre Items for sale

Post Posted Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:24 pm

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Posts: 1505
Location: Wommelgem, Belgium

Les Granges Brûlées - VHS - Belgian (Flemish) videotheque edition - Very rare item

Paris La Defense - Une Ville En Concert - Photobook - Hardback with paper sleeve - Rare item

Concert For Tolerance - Paris Tour Eiffel - Laserdisc

Send me a PM If you are interested in one of this items, I will send you the pictures to your email then.


Post Posted Tue Feb 09, 2016 11:46 am

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Posts: 1505
Location: Wommelgem, Belgium

I sell:

Concert D'images - Photobook
The Millennium Concert At the Great Pyramids of Egypt - Photobook
AERO - Aalborg - Denmark - Photobook SOLD
Jean Michel Jarre à Pekin - Photobook
Przestrzen Wolnosci - Photobook
The Making of Water for Life - Photobook
CD: AERO / DVD: Live à Pekin - Special Deluxe Edition from France

Send me a PM if you're interrested.


Post Posted Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:56 pm

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Posts: 41
Location: Netherlands

I want to clean up my shelves so I'm selling several items.

If you're interested in any or more of these let me know, I'm sure we can figure out a price.

Oxygen in Moscow
Concerts in China
Destination Docklands
Rendez-Vous Lyon
Rendez-Vous Houstons
Europe in Concert

cd singles:
Chronologie cd maxi single: part 6, part 4, SxS mix, Emergency mix, tribal trance mix (859 527-2
Oxygene 7 cd single: sash rmx single edit, radio edit, sash rmx extended (664997 2)
Oxygene 7 cd single (cartboard paper):sash rmx single edit, radio edit, O10 Marcorporation (664997 9)
Oxygene 10 club mixes: sash edit II, sash RMX (single edit) (sampcs 4317)
Oxygene 10: sash mix II, apollo 440 remix dub, resistance D treatment, O10 original edit (664403 5)
Oxygene 10 (orange cartboard paper): O10 original edit, sash rmx single edit (664403 1)
C' est la vie: radio edit, futureshock universal remix, funstorung remix, house remix (667767 2)
Rendez-vous 98 (cartboard): RV 98, RV 98 @440 bonus beat mix (665625 1)
Oxygene 8 (cartboard): original edit, club mix (66407 1)
Oxygene 8 (inside says "Xygene 8", the O didn't print): club mix, dado's fm remix, takkyu Ishino edit, Dado's Ethnic remix (664074 5)
Oxygene 8: dado's fm remix, hani oxygene 101 radio, takkyu Ishino edit, dado's ethnic remix, hani's 303 reprise (sampcm 3967)
Oxygene 8: original edit, takkyu ishino extended, dado's club remix, hani's oxygene 303 (664074 2)

oxygene 8 cd single: original edit, revisited mix redio edit, club mix (sampcs 3950) SIGNED by jarre

Oxygene 7: side 1 sash rmx extended, side 2: sash rmx single edit, radio edit (sampms 4544)
Chronologie 6: side a: slam mix 1, slam mix 2, side b: main mix, alternate mix, original mix (519579-1)
Oxygene 8: side a: club mix, dado's club remix; side b: hani oxygene 101; side c: dado's ethnic remix, dado's fm remix; side d: hani's oxygene 303, hani's 303 reprise (664074 6)
Les granges Brulees witte voorkant met zwart wit print van Eden rec 6250293
Oxygene 10 orange: side 1: sash rmx maxi version, sash rmx single edit; side 2: club mix 1, club mix 2; side 3: resistance D treatment, resistance d treatment single edit; side 4: transcengenics 1, transcengenics 2 (664403 6)
Oxygene 10 remixs (blue): side A: apollo 440 remix, spacey dub; side B: sash mix II, Bonus beats (sampms 4318)
Oxygene 10 remixes (green): side 1: resistance d treatment, resistance d treatment single edit; side 2: transcengenics 1, transcengenics 2 (sampms 4324)
Oxygene 10 remixes (yellow): side 1: sash! rmx maxi version, sash!rmx single edit; side 2: club mix 1, club mix 2 (sampms 4207)
Rendez vous 98: side A: rv 98 remix; side b: rv98 @440remix, rv98 @440 bonus beat mix (sampms 5143)

Vinyl single:
* La musique de Basket Jean Loup Lafont: Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene: Face A; Oxygene iV; face B: Oxygene VI (2097 214 EA)
* Les chants magnetiques: Face A; LCM part 2; face B: LCM extrait (fdm 16015)
* O2 Oxygene: Side 1 Club Mix, Maxim Version; side 2: Single Version, HELIUM (ZYX 8536-12)

Cd Single:
Vertigo Oxygene: Oxygene vocal radio mix, oxygene radio mix, oxygene club mix, encounters (EPC 663805 5)

Kraftwerk LP:
The best of... Kraftwerk: Exceller8. Side one: ruckzack, autobahn, tongebirge, kristallo; side 2: comet melody 2, klingklang, vom himmel hoch, stratovarius (mercury 6449 004) (made in canada)
Post Posted Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:12 pm
Phil J.

User avatar
Posts: 523
Location: Gloucester, UK

Electronica Tour Crystal.

Pre-Orders now being taken. Release Date 1st October.

Limited Edition of 40.


Price £25 including UK Postage - £28 inc EU Postage - RoW Please Ask

Or collect from me at the following concerts - Cardiff, Brighton, o2 or Birmingham - £20.

Light Boxes £3.

Email Me To Order - ppj@blueyonder.co.uk

Post Posted Fri Sep 23, 2016 2:43 pm

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Posts: 1339
Likes received  : 11

Out of curiosity. How are those things even made in the first place?
27-11-10: Ahoy Rotterdam
22-11-16: Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam

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